Jonathan Granfield, JMG's founder, has a strong work ethic and an unwavering personal comittment to his work, his staff and JMG's clients. The JMG team has built up around this commitment. 
Mechanical and electrical projects. and maintenance help desk team based at the GlaxoSmithkine manufacturing site in Hertfordshire 
Special projects teams based in Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire 
Support team comprising project management, health & safety, accounts and administration 

JMG History 

JMG Specialised Engineering is based in Daventry, Northamptonshire working throughout the country, as well as having a full time team of 20 on-site at the Glaxo Smithkline manufacturing site in Hertfordshire. 
The company specialises in industrial pipework installation and completes jobs starting from £500 up to £4m, the most recent being a £2.2 million installation for a new HVAC system. 
The business began in 1985 when Jonathan Granfield was working on-site at Glaxo as a Project Engineer for Shepherd Engineering.  
It was here he noticed a requirement for jobs that were too small for the big engineering firms but still required prompt and professional attention. 
Since then JMG has grown by reputation both within pharmaceuticals and hospitals as well as other industry sectors, particularly those with time critical processes. New employees were initially brought on as needed, however recruitment is now done on a pro-active basis, in anticipation of growth and to make sure there is always an optimal workforce available. 
After 30 years you would expect a company to be competent in the technical aspects of the job however experience tells us this only part of the story. JMG has a job to do and does it well, however its reputation and longevity also rests on the appreciation and understanding that you have a job to do as well. 

Health & Safety 

JMG often works in potentially hazardous environments. This is something we never forget or take for granted. JMG cares about its people and the people working around them and a rigorous approach to Health & Safety is how we keep everyone healthy and safe - it is that simple and JMG is justifiably proud of its record in this respect. 
Having started life in the pharmaceutical sector, Health & Safety has always been front and centre. Something that continues to serve JMG well, as the importance of a robust approach to Health & Safety continues to be recognised and appreciated by clients in all industrial sectors. 
JMG has Health & Safety professionals overseeing every aspect of its operation. They have day to day responsibility for making sure all JMG personnel and equipment are up to date with the relevant training and certification, as well as ensuring that every site is an optimal working environment, for the benefit of everyone working there. 
If you wish to speak with JMG about any matters relating to Health & Safety please contact Jonathan Granfield on 07973 882 167 
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